All good things must come to an end - BUT a new beginning is just around the corner!

Hi there everyone!

Thank you to all who participated on our team, donated to Grey Matters!, and helped out at our events!

The 2006 Relay season is ending early September.  Grey Matters! successfully raised over $7,000!  What an awesome achievement!  The total raised for Relay for Life of Kent was over $243,000!  WHEW - that's a lot of cash raised for the American Cancer  Society!

During the 2006 season I had an amazing opportunity offered to me.  That opportunity was to Co-Chair the 2007 Relay for Life of Kent event!  I accepted the position and am hoping to have an even bigger Relay in 2007!

Your new Grey Matters! Team Captain is Joe Craft ( and your Co-Captain is Kelli Nayes (  I will still be on the team and participate in fundraisers, but being Co-Chair will take a lot of my time that I had dedicated to Team Grey Matters! during the past two years.

I truly hope that all of you will participate in the 2007 Relay.  I also hope you might ask your friends and families to join this wonderful cause.  If you know anyone interested in forming a new team or interested in volunteering for the 2007 event, please let me know and I’ll be happy to talk with them.

Thanks again everyone!  It's been a great season - I'm looking forward to blowing our numbers out of the water in 2007!


The Cupcakes were a success!!

I Finaly was able to bring in my cupcakes and I am happy to report that I raised $146 in total cupcake sales today!! That doubles what I made last year!

Garage Sale Prepping...

Gs200601 Yesterday (Sunday), Jamie, Jayson, Bill, and Joe jumped in to start the 2nd annual garage cleanup for our Grey Matters! garage sale.  We still had stuff in there from last year's sale plus some of Bill's stuff and Sarah and Joe's stuff.  It was pretty much a disaster area! But everyone pitched in and got a lot done.  Thank you!

Gs200602It was all way too overwhelming for me, so I kind of spent my day entertaining the grandkids and the dogs.  Let the young and strong do all the physical work! I kind of felt like that was a cop-out - maybe it was - but it's hard work keeping kids entertained too!  Honest!

my challenge to you all...

I haven't had any takers on the massage thing...soooooo...the first person who sends two people my direction will get a FREE Massage or Reflexology session from me.

Got that?  Send me TWO PEOPLE and you get FREE MASSAGE/REFLEXOLOGY.

Thanks everyone!  Let me know if you need the flyer...

PhotoShow - RFL2005

I tried out Comcast's Photoshow... pretty cool!  Check it out...

breakroom fundraisers

I spoke with the salon GM today and got approval for fundraisers in our breakroom.  I am thinking of doing a bake sale or lunch type thing (we are food  I like Jen's cupcake idea but I'll have to check and see if I can do one so soon.  If anyone's interested in helping with this stuff (cooking or whatever) let me know.  I'll probably do it on a Thursday or Friday since those are my days off.

I also asked about a corporate donation and my GM is going to give me the info on who I need to contact by Sunday.  She wasn't sure if it would happen but I am going to try anyway.

I spoke with one of the mom's from Caity's class today...she and her husband own a sheet metal company in Kent and I asked if they'd be interested in a tax  She asked for more info but said this was a great time of year to ask since it's not Thanksgiving or Christmas.  So I am going to get more info to her tomorrow morning.

Ummmmm...I also have a couple other thoughts in mind but I'll let you know about them when I get more info (or sort it all out in my own tuned!

Work fundraiser :-( bad news

Hi guys!

Unfortunately I received word today that I will not be able to host an all company fundraiser at work this year due to the fact they have already allotted all Outreach program dollars for the year.

Not to worry though, as I will be making a ton of green cupcakes next week for St. Patty's Day and will be selling them for a minimum donation of $1 - with a twist! One lucky cupcake will have a sticker on the bottom and who ever buys that cupcake will receive a $5 Starbucks card! I made about $100 last year on the cupcakes and am hoping they will do even better this year!

The other  good news is that they will be reviewing which programs receive our full attention for 2007 and American Cancer Society is on their agenda! This could possibly mean a corporate sponsor in '07!

Email texts...

First of all, I need to give Sarah credit for this email text!  She did an excellent write-up on her personal donation page... and I modified it to fit my needs.  I figured this is a team effort and we should be sharing ideas anyway, so... Thank you Sarah!

The attached is a text file of the email I sent out to my last year's donaters.  I'd encourage you to modify, slice and dice, and personalize it to fit your needs.  The text has been effective and I've already received several donations as a result.

Download repeats.txt

If anyone else has ideas for email texts, please post 'em!

Challenge standings...

Team rankings as of 10:15am on Monday, March 6:

  1. Hope for Life - $925.00 - 1st Place
  2. Grey Matters! - $800.00 - 2nd Place
  3. Pink Duck Tape Girls - $695.00
  4. Charger Crew - $630.00
  5. LifeSavers - $440.00

Top fundraisers:

  1. Mindy Gamble - $700.00  (Hope for Life)
  2. Elisabeth Gorey - $350.00  (Charger Crew)
  3. James Milstid - $300.00   (Grey Matters!)
  4. Danielle Homa - $280.00  (Pink Duck Tape Girls)
  5. Jessica Lewis - $240.00  (Jazzy Jags)

They're definitely within reach... let's "git 'er done"!  I'm going after Mindy!


I have secured a facial and a massage at Gene Juarez for a prize!  I am working on a manicure or pedicure (or both!) also.  I may try to get a hair cut donated as well...I think that will be easy.

Basically, the artists/therapists will donate their time and we will get postcard sized certificates instead of a gift card for each service so we can use them all together or separately.

So I am donating the massage...the facial will be by one of my favorite estheticians, Nadia.  I have a couple people in mind for the mani/pedi as well as for the haircut.  I just haven't seen them yet.  I'll keep you posted!

I am also going to set up a meeting with the general manager to see if we can do any fundraisers in the break room (it's big).  Kelli mentioned a Cookie Lee party...I was also thinking of a bake sale or lunch (as in, a few of us cook up some yummies and sell tickets to eat for $5 a piece...they do this to raise money for our holiday parties so I'm sure it would be popular).  I still have to ask about this though.  We may be able to do something at the corporate office as well...again, I have to ask.

Woo Hoo!